Diversification of secured loans

Changing the concept of people's consumption, consumer demand is increasingly diversified, banks shopping tourism training and education, such as consumption loans are increasingly popular. For this type of loan, lenders value is that of the individual's credit status. So far, unsecured loan or credit than the mortgage, such as car mortgage credit for individuals is more demanding.
record all loans personal credit institutions receiving the applicant's loan application, view projects, many of my friends don't know much about your personal credit history, resulted in the use of credit cards, loans, overdue, often leads to a different level of bad credit records. And if it is overdue for a serious, often in the loan application is rejected.
loans if the borrower because of personal credit issues were rejected by Bank, you can provide a car or real estate as collateral to apply for consumer, will increase the chances of consumer loans approved. But this is not to say that at the time of applying for a mortgage loan without credit, so whenever, borrowers should strive to maintain good credit.
loans for personal consumption credit and personal credit and interest rates are directly related. If your personal credit is bad, will not only make loans to affected, lending rates are likely to improve or be denied loans. On the other hand, you might get preferential rates on consumer loans, or raise the loan amount.
Similarly, if the borrower to provide the collateral, such as vehicle real estate mortgage and personal credit good, the same borrower can loan limit has also increased significantly, lending rates will be reduced.
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