Mortgage and unsecured loan what is the difference between

&Nbsp;      We said first mortgage loans, mortgage advantages are: low interest rates, repayment period long, General mortgage loan's annual interest rate of only about 8%, and loan term of up to 30 years. And disadvantages of mortgage is equally clear: real estate needs to meet the Bank requirements General requirements of more than 1 million Yuan housing and age in less than 15 years, handling for a longer period, you need at least 2-3 week.
       let us say an unsecured loan, the same benefits: no mortgage's biggest advantage is that do not require collateral, usually only look at our personal credit and income, relatively short period of time usually require only two or three working days will be handled. Unsecured loans there are also disadvantages, disadvantages of unsecured loans: unsecured loans to smaller, typically only tens of thousands of loans, and the interest is expensive, usually per annum (including cost) to be 25% to about 30% and short repayment term, monthly payments under a lot of pressure.
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