Property will need to consider what

   property mortgage needs to consider what?
at present, the loans are mainly mortgage loans, real estate loans backed by mortgage loans, car mainstream choice, so these types of loans are your strengths and weaknesses? how to choose?

first, loans backed by real estate

housing mortgage loan procedure is simple, just the borrower provides both identity cards, household registration, marriage certificates, as a pledge of property of the House, and so on. Process is only a notarization, registration, sign to lenders in the loan contract, generally available within three days. Relative to the banks for mortgages, real estate mortgage loan is a short-term loan, monthly interest, interest is usually higher than many bank loans if long-term loan repayment pressure will be very large. So unless it is assured that turnover of funds in the short term is open, otherwise it is recommended by guarantees from the Bank for a loan.

Second, mortgage

a home to an apartment not only run out of savings, mortgage owed for decades. But most people just want the House mortgage, and have given much thought to the House was also financed a secret weapon. Highest success rate in housing mortgage loan products for a long time, at a minimum, even in conditions demanding State-owned banks, also has a very high rate.

at present, more than five years of mortgage interest rate is 7%-8.5%, such low interest deal. Only drawback is the loan process more slowly, usually take at least a month or more's time, if the borrower is in urgent need of money, then you can consider to find a security company, first House pledge fast access to funds on a bank loan application and then continued. So to address the urgent needs in the short term, and would not carry the heavy interest pressure, and very flexible.

we should add that, loans are not out of the housing can be a mortgage, although the Bank does not provide such services, but still have a lot of security companies can undertake, but rates are relatively high.

third, auto loan

term take speed outside of House and car mortgages are also very common, is characterized by fewer formalities loan faster, especially for short-term borrowing needs, but compared to the mortgages it has two disadvantages:

1, loss of vehicle use. This is car mortgage feature, it's not like home mortgages, is able to borrow money then, and vehicle mortgages will be temporary loss of vehicle use. So some business vehicles, not short-term financing through mortgage. But it is not absolute.

2, interest rates are high. Car mortgage is usually the speed speed short loan borrowing, so slow the approval process of the banks there are few services provide mortgage services to guarantee agencies, currently the industry's average monthly interest rate between the three. High short interest rates take can bear, long take who can't take it anymore.

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