Secured loan's risk prevention

first, strictly examine the credit status of guarantor

guarantor guarantor's credit status, including independent legal, business registration, business condition, financial situation, indebtedness, the degree of solvency, credibility, and willingness to guarantee qualification, performance sponsors strictly prevent the phenomenon of mutual guarantee, serial guarantee.

Second, conduct a detailed review of the mortgage

collateral as a second source of repayment of the loan collection, plays a very important role in secured loans, banks mortgage articles should be reviewed in detail. Contents include: mortgage ownership, use, possession, disposition and preservation rights. The Security Act provides, the parties in a particular property, such as land use permits, urban real estate, means of transport, machinery and equipment as collateral, there should be a registration of mortgage. Without mortgage, mortgage contracts not entered into force. For items that are not registered with the relevant authorities and assessment, no set against, and prevent the occurrence of invalid security.

third, strengthen the team construction, improve bank management and the overall quality of the credit

business training systems, management on a regular basis and credit to national laws and regulations, credit, training, update the knowledge structure, while strengthening the professional ethics education for the managers, and enhance their sense of responsibility and awareness of risk.

four, the establishment of credit guarantee system for small and medium enterprises

in order to meet the financing needs of SMEs, seeking guarantee for SMEs, government departments should take the lead, establishment of SME loan guarantee Center SME assistance guarantee fund and commercial security bodies is an important part of credit guarantee system for small and medium enterprises.

five, constructing an uniform and standard bank customer credit system

as a set of credit collection, registration, assessment, enquiry, risk alert in one of the credit intermediary service system, not only to achieve the Bank's resource sharing, and effectively guard against credit risk, and to actively promote the formation of social credit system as a whole.


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